What's a "Missional Group of Three" or g3?

It's a simple way for Christians to connect around their faith in Jesus Christ by:
  1. Sharing their spiritual journeys with Christ with each other and helping one another move increasingly into obedience to Christ and the abundant life He promised
  2. Reaching out with the Gospel to their friends
  3. Praying for each other and their commnity and/or campus

By simply meeting to pray and support each other in small groups a few believers can become a contagious group.  Christians are moving from just trying to survive with their faith to being the salt and light messengers of life that Christ called us to be.  Connecting in community for a quick power-up and finding God’s power through prayer is the beginning of taking seriously the call Christ gave to reach those around us with His Good News.

Groups of Three are usually just three or four believers meeting weekly for about an hour.  Just three Christians are often the first seed of a spiritual network that reaches into every social corner of the campus/community, planting many new communities.  Our hope is to see spiritual movements everywhere, so that everyone knows someone who’s authentically following Christ.  As visitors drop in and then start their own groups, the spiritual community expands.  Intentionally planting groups on a campus or in an unreached corner of a community is often the best way to give every person a chance to hear the Gospel.

Real fellowship and community is more than a few believers. Occasionally, spiritual leaders pull everyone together for worship, community service, and outreaches.  The whole movement from the big gatherings and retreats down to each group's meeting is centered on four values.  Prayer, Devotion to Christ, Service, and Missionality are like DNA that are passed along from one group to the next.  We like to think of it as a kind of holy virus that has the potential to spread and transform a whole campus or community.

Imagine this- what if every campus and neighborhood were full of G3s doing these three simple things?  What if every Christian had at least a 'friend of a friend' who was passionately loving people and following Christ daily – so that everyone knew someone who was authentically following Jesus?  Would you like to see that happen on your campus or in your neighborhood?

It’s not a big commitment, only just 50-90 minutes around once a week.  You’ll make great friends, grow deeper in your faith, and rediscover the adventure of being a light on to the world around you.  If you’re the first to catch the idea, good news, they're easy to lead and you can start one up.  Starting up with prayer is a sure bet.

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